What people are saying


    "I didn't have the chance to be at your January Web Camp parent session, but I was able to view it in the archives. WOW!!! How great was that! I took two pages of notes and I feel like I learned a lot. Thank you so much for your support to our children! You are amazing!"

    - Cheryl Schick, Web Camp parent

    "My daughter competed in two events last weekend and I could see a big difference in her focus. She stuck her beam, series, dismount, and all! This was an amazing accomplishment for her since she was struggling the week prior to competition. She looks awesome, everyone is asking me and her how she is doing it and she keeps telling them to sign up for Web Camp! Great testimonial from a young, injured gymnast. Thank you for your program!"

    - DeAnn Meely, Web Camp parent

    "Over the past 16 years I have coached cheer and tumbling. Through my many years of experience, I have worked with a handful of athletes who have struggled with Mental Blocks. I have used many approaches and techniques to help aid these athletes through the struggle. Currently, I have been working with one individual athlete for about 2 years since the start of her mental block. It has been a hard struggle for a long time, but we have not given up. I have literally tried EVERYTHING with this athlete and refuse to ever give up on her, whether it be a good tumble day or not good at all.

    Recently I had this athlete join the webinar for mental blocks which I sat in on it as well, to gain some insight. I took a lot of notes and used as many approaches from the webinar as possible. I have never been inside an athlete's head as much as I was able to be after this webinar!  It all worked so well! Only 3 days after the webinar, I had her in a full swing Standing Back Handspring on both the spring floor and the hard cheer floor. Only 3 days after that, she was throwing standing 5 back handsprings!

    She then decided to take it out of the gym, and onto the grass at her house. I was surprised with a video of her doing a standing roundoff 4 back handsprings! She is a very powerful athlete, therefore running tumbling I knew would be another struggle. Last week's lesson we only focused on step step round off back handspring. By the end of her 45 minutes, she was doing it completely on her own!

    I have never watched an athlete struggle so much with something I know they can do without hesitation. This has been such a huge learning experience for both me and the athlete. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing this child smile again and push herself to get back to where she used to be. I wanted to reach out and say a HUGE Thank You to Doc Ali for reaching out to us and providing us with such a wonderful opportunity to help our athletes through such struggles. You never realize how much of an impact you have on people until you hear and see the results!!"

    - Melissa Hebert, ACE Cheer Company of Hattiesburg