The difference between good athletes and great athletes is all in the mind.

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What is HeadGames WebCamp?

FEAR Workbook

You have to be mentally tough to be a great athlete. We train your mind to help you become relentless, courageous and unstoppable. We are Headgames WebCamp, an online LIVE mental toughness training program teaching you drills and skills in order to work through blocks and take your training to the next level. We offer a choice of seven sessions a week, pick one, attend several, or download the recordings and watch them at your own convenience. Each session contains a dynamic lesson from our Athlete Warrior Workbook, question and answer, motivational tips, and a sense of community from all the participants in our WebCamp family. The breakthroughs and success of our athletes has been phenomenal. Come join us.

When you register for Headgames WebCamp you receive: 

  • Your own mental toughness trainer.
  • 30 minutes of training from The Athlete Warrior Workbook, 20 minutes of question and answer.
  • Seven sessions LIVE every week, covering one chapter from the workbook each week.
  • Choose one session that best fits your schedule, or join us for more!

Meet the Coaches
Get to know your mental toughness trainers

Doc Ali
Alison is the Peak Performance consultant to USA Women's Gymnastics, United States Figure Skating, and Australian Aerial Skiing.
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Coach Sara
Sara Robinson is a former competitive gymnast. She teaches in the Master’s Program in Sport Psychology at John F. Kennedy University.
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Coach Jen
A former club gymnast from New York with her Masters Degree in Sport and Exercise Psychology.
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Coach Janae
A former championship gymnast and featured coach on NBC's hit T.V. show - Starting Over.
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