Q: How many times a week should I go to HeadGames WebCamp?
A: You can go as often as you like, but most people go once a week. Find the session/coach that fits your needs the best and attend that session, or go to different sessions to change it up. Although the chapter of the week stays the same, each mental toughness coach has her own style and teaches it a little bit differently.

Q: Is each session different?
A: We teach a chapter from the Athlete Warrior workbook every week. The chapter begins with the Sunday session and ends with the Thursday session. Each teacher teaches the chapter in her style so you may get something different with each session.

Q: What is the structure of each WebCamp session?
A: Each session focuses on successes from the last week; song of the day; review of the tool from the last session; teaching of a new tool; Q and A; and sometimes an added fun game, especially during Summer Session.

Q: How does the technology work?
A: It’s important that you are getting the best connection you can for HeadGames WebCamp. Here are a few suggestions:

– Have a good internet connection by sitting close to your router or hardwire in with an Ethernet cable.

– Although WebCamp can be done on a tablet or phone, it’s often easier to do the first sessions on a laptop or personal computer in order to learn the ropes.

– Log in to your first session 10 minutes before to download WebEx and acquaint yourself with the “room.” Don’t hesitate to inform your mental toughness coach that it’s your first night.

Q: Can other athletes besides gymnasts do WebCamp?
A: Yes! Our tools can be generalized to all sports, but most of the athletes currently enrolled are gymnasts, ages 8-18. We’ve had figure skaters, softball players, soccer players, cheerleaders, and volleyball players all enrolled in WebCamp.

Q: Can boys do WebCamp?
A: For sure! Just be warned that currently WebCamp participants are predominantly girls.

Q: I’m a little shy; do I have to participate?
A: No, but the more you do, the more you will get out of it. Many people just observe and learn from WebCamp without turning on their camera. But it’s great to see you and “hear” your responses in the chat, so after you get used to the format…join in!

Q: What if I have technical difficulties?
A: Feel free to contact Doc Ali with technical questions. The most important thing is to say “yes” when you enter the room and you are asked if you want to join the conference already in session. If you need further support, WebEx support is very helpful. Their number is 1-866-229-3239.

Q: How do I register for HeadGames WebCamp?
A: Just go to our registration page and sign up! There are several different kinds of memberships, so choose the option that works best for you.

Q: Will HeadGames WebCamp auto-bill me after I register?
A: Yes. WebCamp will automatically renew your membership every month. If you would like to cancel, please do so before your next billing cycle.

Q: Can I cancel at any time?
A: Yes! You can cancel at any time. Just log in, go to your member dashboard, and cancel your account. Please let us know if you have any questions or problems.

Q: Can I start HeadGames WebCamp at any time?
A: Yes! WebCamp is designed so you can begin at any time. Each month consists of a lesson dealing with fear, adversity, competition and a character/life skills lesson. Although some build on each other, we go over past lessons as we teach current ones, to keep everyone on track. If your HeadGames trainer feels a past session would be of benefit to you, she will refer you to the recorded session.

Q: What if I miss sessions?
A: No worries, HeadGames WebCamp is recorded every week! Simply log in, go to the “recorded training sessions” link on the left, and click “training center.” The Sunday night late session is there for your review.

Q: How long do athletes stay in WebCamp?
A: The amount of time varies. Some stay for six weeks, and some for several years! The Athlete Warrior workbook is a 10-month program of mental training. Stay as long as you are benefitting from WebCamp! Some people even complete the book multiple times. Every time is different due to new skills, levels, and times of season the tools are taught.

Q: Is WebCamp just for fear?
A: No! HeadGames WebCamp teaches tools for all areas of mental toughness not only for sport, but for life outside of sport as well. Learning how to overcome adversity, control emotions, get into ideal performance states regardless of what’s going on around you, getting into the present, and working well with people are life skills we could all use!

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